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High valuable assets

WiredMarket provides access to multi-asset trading. Seeking to meet your every trading need, we've culled an offering of over 250 products!

We offer currency pairs, metals commodities and a wide range of indices and cryptocurrencies ready for trading across all of WiredMarket’s platforms.


Trade stocks globally, profit locally.

With WiredMarket smart investing in the financial markets through CFDs is easier and more practical than ever! Enter the world of investments by trading in stocks, made popular by brand names like Google, Apple and Microsoft.


Trade currencies like any simple exchange

With WiredMarket's award-winning trading platform you can enter the world’s most active financial market, the foreign exchange or Forex market, which sees approximately $5 trillion in daily trading. We provide the tools you need to profit from the most liquid market across the globe.


An essential addition to any trading strategy

WiredMarket is injecting practicality and affordability into the commodities trading market. Build your portfolio or trading strategy with this highly popular, long-term investment option and watch your returns soar.


Take advantage of global trends and trade

At WiredMarket, we provide our users with the optimal conditions needed to trade securely and with confidence. Zero commission or fees on a broad range of top equity market indices, inluding FTSE, DAX 30, NIKKEI and S&P 500, from the comfort of your digital device.


Balancing the risk, while trading like a pro is home to CFDs for the world's most highly traded bonds, another category of financial instruments attracting much attention in the trading world.

Diversify your investment portfolio by investing in bonds, and monitor your investment's position to maximize profitability and preserve capital, with the WiredMarket platform. We support our traders with a wide range of government and corporate bonds.


Trade in digital currencies in the digital age

Cryptocurrencies are used by numerous businesses and individuals to make efficient payments.


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